Thursday, September 7, 2017


Pretty sweet, right?! This photo shoot was so much fun. We had the lovely Cory Marie Podielski taking the pics and she was so good. Making sure the kids were in a nice pile and the parents were feeling happy. Catching these moments that just run by as quick as a lighting! For the people who don't know Corie Marie, she's one of those amazing renaissance ladies who are pros in so many areas - in her case at least photography, graphic design, pottery and dance! And, she is so witty and fun to be with. I had the chance to take her belly dance classes last spring and it was soooo fun!

In these pics I specifically asked for a white background, so that it would fit the general visual look of what we do, but also to make it possible for me to play with the pictures later in Photoshop. I started out experimenting some already, but I'm feeling a bit rusty and a bit shy, so those images will be published here a little later ;)