Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The past two months have been interesting and inspiring craft-wise, and the biggest reason is the awesome new studio space that let's me craft and design in peace, with lots of light and space! No more pin needle hiding from a 4-year-old, no more trading between dinner and sewing table, no more random stuff appearing to and desappearing from my projects! Hurraaay!! The space has huge windows all over, which makes it just beautiful with all the natural light coming in. I have one table for the sewing machines and another bigger one for cutting fabric or doing other things like animation, silk screening and such. Also, just got the silk screen printing supplies, so almost ready to start printing again, sooo nice.
I'm sharing the studio with a wonder woman called Nanette Davidson, who has two big looms and a wall full of weaving material. I will write more about her later. Let's just say that I've really lucked out here and feel crazy happy and proud to hang out with a crafter and a multitalent like her! She's a wonderful fiber artist, but also the kind of cook-person, who (in my father-in-laws words) can fix a five course dinner out of half an onion and an apple for 20 people, in half and hour ;)
So feeling good and making big plans for my crafty and artsy future here! Still sewing pants and eye pillows, but finally designing and prototyping other things too. Waiting for the spring to arrive to Brasstown and enjoying the way. Have a great day!