Friday, August 14, 2015


The time has come, it's happening now. The realization that 'Tasapainokokoelma' might be a bit challenging for anybody but a finnish person to pronunciate... So, from this summer on, we will be calling ourselves Friendsday.
Friendsday. It's when you have a meeting with a nice colleague or play with friends in school in the morning, then Annalie comes over for some hanging out in the afternoon, and then go for a potluck dinner to Harry and Julie's. Also, in Finland it's a day for celebration on February 14th, instead of Valentine's Day. And, it's easy to everybody to say!

Other than changing names and figuring out how to do it smoothly, we're preparing for some crafts booth activity, The John C. Campbell Fall Festival being the next big show, October 3-4th. Sharing the booth with the super talented Allison from Pelagic is going to be so nice. She makes beautiful and funny books and prints. Here's one.